• Payment can be made via bank transfer or Securely online via credit or debit card.
  • At no point does or any directors/employees see or store you credit card/debit card details.
  • We use Stripe - an encrypted, secure SSL payment processor and one of the largest and safest global payment processors 
  • All payments are encrypted and only shared between your own bank and Stripe.
  • Stripe accepts all major and most minor Australian credit and debit cards and is currently used by many of the major brands you know and love online. 
  • You can read more about Stripe here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Willyou be adding a Layby Option?

Yes, is currently considering adding a layby option - stay tuned!

Will you be adding Paypal as a payment processor?

Not at this point in time.  As a small Australian business we do strive to keep our checkout process simple and as secure as possible. You do not need to have an account with any third party payment processor to use our site.
Payment is made securely via Stripe, directly on the website - without us (Hopshopbop or any third party) ever seeing your personal credit/debit card details. 
Stripe integrates securely and seamlessly with our website. All information is encrypted and only passed between Stripe and your bank. 

You can read more about Stripe here.

What happens if there's something wrong with my order?  Will I get my money back?

Hopshopbop is an Australian registered business and complies fully with the Australian consumer law.

Contact us with any problems. We are always happy to try to help you - we want you to get your products in good working order so you are satisfied. 

We accept returns. Please read about our Return Policy.

There was an unauthorised transaction onmycard. What do I do?

Contact your bank and follow their processes to dispute the transaction. Hopshopbop does not see, store nor retain any card data anywhere - online or offline. We will comply and supply banks with information regarding any disputed transactions as per their requirements . As will our payment processor, Stripe. If an unauthorised transaction results in a chargeback, where Hopshopbop is not at fault, we may seek compensation if the item has already been dispatched and we are out of pocket.